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25 February 2014

Richard Smith Studio day, 8th March 2014, £20

The first of many announcements for our studio in the next few weeks! We're proud to announce our first male studio day with Richard Smith.

Essex born Richard has been an accomplished model for over 3 years now with clothing companies and other accessory companies all wanting to get their products on him. We managed to get him down from Manchester for a short shoot to show off his tattoos and give an example of what can be achieved in our studio in just 20 minutes. It's so easy to produce really strong images when you have a model who is as trained and confident as Richard, I can't wait to see what others can produce on the day because the standard of you guys coming in has been so high recently!

As you can see, this boy has dedicated his body to tattoo art which will make for some really interesting work. He also has a few piercings giving him the full alt look!
Check out his full portfolio here along with a few of the shots we pulled off in the studio :)

Join the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/215277038670754

The official bit

The studio day will take place on 8th March 2014 and costs just £20 per photographer.
There are 10 photographer places available.

The day starts at 10am (though this is subject to change if the group prefer different times). Photographers are welcome to come and go as they please for the entire day, and be involved with every part of the shoot, but should be aware you will have a pre-arranged shooting slot to ensure the organisation and fairness of the day.

The day is set up to provide a sharing and networking environment to help improve each others techniques and styles. While photographers are allocated approx 45 mins of shooting time the entire day is very informal and flexible designed to maximize the models shooting time and set up time to produce the greatest image outcomes in the shortest space of time. Photographers should expect to practice and test their set up on each other while model prep and rest takes place allowing for an efficient use of time.

The day includes:
Shooting time with our featured model
Full use of our lighting equipment and modifiers
Advice from resident photographers if needed
Access to the studio all day, great networking and partnerships with other photographers
Lots of tea and cookies :)

The day is open to any professional or amateur photographers, if you have any special requirements let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.

If you would like to book in call 07732875315 or email briscoe@briscoephotography.co.uk. The full payment is required to book your place. This is a non-refundable advance deposit and can be paid cash, bank transfer or paypal (£1.50 charge for paypal).
Feel free to email or message us on our facebook page or join the facebook event for any more information :)

Studio address:
225 London rd

Street parking on Frank St and small car park approx 100m away.

Here's our last studio day with Vicky burns! What an awesome day it was, only 8 slots but lots of ideas flowing and absolute carnage in the studio with furniture being thrown all over the place :P Here's some of the highlights and a few examples from some of the photographers :) Vicky was absolutely brilliant and fun on the day, check her blog out here!


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