Hairy Bikers

A bit more of a personal shoot today. I've no interest in bikes but it seems I know three people who are very different types of motorcycle enthusiast. So with my three new models I thought we'd get them a few nice portraits coupled with something I've never tried before (but always wanted to do).


Bike portraits! So, with the easy stuff over I climbed into the back of a VW and had a go at shooting out of the back.

Not the most comfy thing to do. Also, I didn't count on it being so hard to do! There's tons to think about and a bumpy road changes your conversion rate from 1 in 50 to 1 in 200, camera shake being the main problem. None of us were competent or experienced so we weren't comfortable moving at high speed. This meant my shutter speed at to be set lower to get a bit of motion blur. Also, shooting at 14mm meant the bikes had to be inches from the back of the vehicle and at 20-40mph we came close to a collision a few times.

I had dreams of attaching flashes to the side of cars and running a really elaborate lighting set up but considering our skill I figured we'd keep it as basic as possible.


Then for my something a little bit different. A bit of a failed attempt if I'm completely honest. I had this idea of a bike chase for a bit of fun but think I ran out of ideas after a long day and I'm also somewhat restricted by my post processing skill. It's unfortunate that the Harley Davidson couldn't stick around for very long either, it might have added to the story a little. Still, it's a step forward in my learning and a ton of fun! The lads seem to like them anyway :P


Comments and suggestions welcome :)