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28 April 2014

Jo Evans Studio Day, 18th May 2014

Our next studio day has finally been announced! It's not all that far away so you're going to have to book quite quickly. We had a few words about Jo coming to our studio at our studio day with Faye yesterday and already booked a few places with some photographers.

15 April 2014

Studio Engagement shoot

I can't believe it's taken this long to merge the studio and the weddings so close together. I always thought it would be too limiting to have an engagement shoot in the photography studio. In truth, this still wasn't my idea, but proved it was very possible to take some strong engagement pics in the studio. Here's a few highlights:

3 April 2014

Welcome to the Briscoe Photography studio!

Welcome to the Briscoe Photography studio!
Our studio is available for hire for just £10 per hour. This includes use of all of the lights and lighting equipment.
It is a medium sized space capable of fitting a large family shoot, medium commercial shoot and is ideal for model or portrait shoots. We are looking for models and photographers who want to host workshops, host modelling days, use for personal work. We want you to be able to use the studio as your own when you hire with full use of our kitchen and bathroom facilities and shop front. We will even welcome your guests/clients for you if you wish. We aim to relieve any pressure from your work by taking away any logistical issues regarding the studio and allowing you to work on with getting your images.

Feel free to come in and visit us. If you send a message we can make an appointment for you Smile
Look out for out studio days! We tend to host one per month with a wide range of models. We attract (and aim for) models from around the country. The aim is to let photographers shoot models they might not usually have access to because of distance/time.
Our studio is sponsored by photographic giant Neewer who allow us access to a great range of their equipment. Get a first hand look and use of the equipment before you buy it from ebay or Amazon.
Currently at our studio we have the following equipment for use: 
-Neewer 180W and 250W heads
-2 Neewer 120cm Softboxes
-Neewer 55" Gridded Octabox
-Neewer 55" Parbolic Umbrella
-Full sized lighting boom
-6x7ft  Lastolite Hilite
-Smaller Neweer softboxes
-Constant lighting for video and photography including constant rightlight
-Various patterned fabric backgrounds

Feel free to contact us by phone or email to arrange an appointment or make a booking.
Terms and conditions apply.

2 April 2014

Priti and Chris, Staffordshire wedding photography, Heath House, Tean

Whoo hoo! We've moved into September of last year and what a wedding I've got for you today!

Priti and Chris had their wedding day at Heath House in Tean on a beautiful sunny day, perfect for wedding photography. Personally, the image above is one of my favourite EVER. I love the chairs and how they were stacked out. Sometimes it just comes down to a little bit of luck and, boom, an awesome wedding photograph.

A very very long day, I think I had to catch a flight that evening to a wedding in Spain too. But it was well worth sticking around until the end to get some crazy party shots, and a pretty spectacular first (and second) dance.

Thanks so much for the Heath house, their staff and catering for being so helpful on the day. Also, a huge shout goes to Wayne The Staffordshire toastmaster, I've seen many toastmasters in my short career but none as good and helpful as this guy.

Remember, we're still booking for 2015, lots of couples have taken up our new wedding photography offer - We now have at least one wedding booked for each month next year! This is quite unbelievable to have this level of booking a year ahead and thank you so much to all of the couples who have been to the studio recently :)

1 April 2014

Faye-Evette Betts Studio day, 27th April 2014

Our next studio is ready to go with Faye-Evette Betts!
We've already booked a few places so there's only 8 spaces left! This one is going to go fast!