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29 June 2015

Jo Louise Studio Day, 19th July 2015

One of the model world power houses is coming to town on July 19th. There are 10 photographer places available for this date, and they're going to go fast!

I'll let Jo's portfolio do the talking:

14 June 2015

My first portrait. Lookin' goooooood!

Kate brought her family into the studio for a family portrait and this little one's first portrait. It's safe to say he nailed it. Future Hollywood star here. Here's a couple of highlights!

11 June 2015

Briscoe Photography proudly announces the first studio evening!

Luna is no stranger to the studio and we're so happy that we've managed to arrange her own studio evening. The studio evening is a new concept in the studio where we will arrange 3 quick fire rounds for 6 photographers to grab some strong portfolio additions quickly.

We'll make three set ups over three hours with 3 different costume changes. Each photographer gets 8-10 minutes per set up using it how they want. It's a great challenge to get some great stuff using the latest sets in the studio. 

9 June 2015

Studio family portraits at Briscoe photography, Stoke on trent

Sonia and her family popped in between the communion and their party for some quick family portraits. It's not so often the entire family come together and while they were all dressed up they chose the photography studio to pop in and get a few family snaps :D

The shoot didn't last very long at all and we had loads of fun! We also set a new record in the studio by squeezing in 15 people on to the new infinity curve. The most we've had in so far, I even think we could have fitted on a few more children!

4 June 2015

Kate and Jamie, wedding photography Staffordshire

It seems like June has finally arrived! I know this because I'm finally able to sit outside and upload images to the blog in the sun. All moved into the new flat and back to work with new wedding deliveries and happy brides and grooms!

I would have been around this time last year I attended my good Friend Kate and her husbands wedding, that was a hot day! Best of all, was the ridiculously cool falconry expert with fast and expensive birds on show!

I can't spend too much time typing, I have to get back to editing, check out the rest of the day below :)