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25 February 2014

Simône and Scott, Staffordshire wedding photography

Oh to be in August and shooting first dances in the daylight again!
The first wedding of the season went off in style with Rich and Diane tying the knot down in Stratford!

I'm sure I'll show that wedding off in around 6 months or so because I'm still going through the queue of weddings I photographed last year and we're still in August with Simone and Scott.

I'll start with news on what Chris and I have been up to since the last date. Lots and lots of family shoots in the studio, coupled with studio days in the studio and lots of new wedding couples meeting me in the studio. I'm writing off the back off an excellent week so far, one of our most significant weeks in my career so far. I can't say too much, as it's all to be rolled out but on top of a few great magazine publishes, some new strings to our bow and an excellent month in the studio we're also striking some new exciting deals with the photography gods :)

Enough about the studio, though, we're in wedding mode and after the wedding this year I had to pop up another amazing wedding I went to with one of the cutest couples I've ever photographed. Here's the highlights!

Richard Smith Studio day, 8th March 2014, £20

The first of many announcements for our studio in the next few weeks! We're proud to announce our first male studio day with Richard Smith.

Essex born Richard has been an accomplished model for over 3 years now with clothing companies and other accessory companies all wanting to get their products on him. We managed to get him down from Manchester for a short shoot to show off his tattoos and give an example of what can be achieved in our studio in just 20 minutes. It's so easy to produce really strong images when you have a model who is as trained and confident as Richard, I can't wait to see what others can produce on the day because the standard of you guys coming in has been so high recently!

As you can see, this boy has dedicated his body to tattoo art which will make for some really interesting work. He also has a few piercings giving him the full alt look!
Check out his full portfolio here along with a few of the shots we pulled off in the studio :)

Join the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/215277038670754

9 February 2014

Louise and Richard, Wedding photography, Park Hall Farm, Leigh

My body is still in January, my head in March and my blog is still back in August! It's coming up to that stressful time of year again and this year it's longer than ever! WEDDING SEASON.

I'm currently taking a few days off in Norway before the commotion starts but I'm still planning everything for my first wedding of the year which is only days away now!

However, while I pre-plan my future events let's take a look back at a lovely wedding from last year. A golden couple, so lovely, who made a brilliant day happen at Park Hall Farm, Leigh. So here's Louise and Richard :)

5 February 2014

Yvette and Ben, Oak Farm Hotel, Cannock

There's going to be a lot more wedding posting coming in the near future! My 2014 wedding season starts this month and I'm still posting wedding from August last year!! So plenty to come in the next couple of weeks :)

It's all about the details for this post. Yvette and Ben had lots of brilliant little things going on at their wedding at the Oak Farm Hotel, Cannock. Too much for me to show in one post. But if you're planning a wedding at the moment you'll find some great little ideas that went down a treat!

I can't say how much I enjoyed Ben and Yvettes wedding, they kept their cool as we darted in and out of bright sunshine and 30 second downpours to get the photographs :)

Plenty more too see under the cut!

4 February 2014

Last two places for our Vicky Burns studio day! - Highlights from our Leah Harris Studio day!

We had a really fun time on Saturday with Leah Harris in the studio! We had a long day of 10 photographers shooting each with their own hourly slot. I didn't manage to get a ton of footage, I trained with my new steady cam in between making tea and setting up lights, the day was so busy but hopefully this short video give a sense of the fun we had and the different sets ups everyone was able to achieve.

Photographers have started to post their images to various sites and you can see a few of the awesome achievements in the cut below :)