30 October 2017

David and Lisa, Stevenage, wedding photography staffordshire

To Stevenage! A strange coincidence that I who two couples back-to-back called Dave and Lisa at different ends of the country. For this Dave and Lisa it's all about the details, especially as Lisa owns her own bespoke order wedding service and she didn't disappoint! Lisa has some amazing ideas and a great eye for detail (you'll see below).

I really loved David and Lisa's input, it helped me take on some great new wedding photography challenges. If you happen to read the blog posts regularly you might see some subtle differences and different types of wedding photographs I may not normally take.

Remember to take a look at my wedding photography portfolio and the last few months are left on the wedding photography 2015 deal! I'll be moving on to 2016 very soon!

Take a look below, it's going to be so hard choosing which one to put in my 2015 portfolio!

2 October 2017

Priti and Chris, Staffordshire wedding photography, Heath House, Tean

Whoo hoo! We've moved into September of last year and what a wedding I've got for you today!

Priti and Chris had their wedding day at Heath House in Tean on a beautiful sunny day, perfect for wedding photography. Personally, the image above is one of my favourite EVER. I love the chairs and how they were stacked out. Sometimes it just comes down to a little bit of luck and, boom, an awesome wedding photograph.

A very very long day, I think I had to catch a flight that evening to a wedding in Spain too. But it was well worth sticking around until the end to get some crazy party shots, and a pretty spectacular first (and second) dance.

Thanks so much for the Heath house, their staff and catering for being so helpful on the day. Also, a huge shout goes to Wayne The Staffordshire toastmaster, I've seen many toastmasters in my short career but none as good and helpful as this guy.

Remember, we're still booking for 2015, lots of couples have taken up our new wedding photography offer - We now have at least one wedding booked for each month next year! This is quite unbelievable to have this level of booking a year ahead and thank you so much to all of the couples who have been to the studio recently :)

27 September 2017

Mary and Tom, Photography second shooter

A few days ago a good photography friend of mine asked me to head south and help him out at a wedding. I love second shooting. I don't get to do it very often but it's a nice break and a chance to look at things from a different perspective. All the pressure goes away and it gives me a great chance to have a play with a new style. I wanted to pop a few from Mary and Tom's wedding on to the blog to show the style I've been leaning toward recently.

22 September 2017

Lucy and Jono, Wedding photography Staffordshire

Over the next few months we're going to be seeing a lot of changes in the way we work. Myself and Lisa, have been working hard to match our styles and put out a brand new product. We'll be changing the way we're doing things so keep an eye out!

We're starting with the announcement of our 2017 wedding photography package!

18 August 2017

Katie and Stephen, Wedding Photography, Palms Hill, Shropshire

It's august! I'm making a little change this month from my usual schedule. I tend to, if I can, post one wedding per month and post them in chronological order. The thing is, I'm attending a considerable amount more weddings than I can post at the moment and most of the weddings I blog each month are almost exactly a year old! Yep, I'm an entire year behind with my wedding blog :(

A lot happens in a year. I play with different equipment, I learn new things, tastes change, so I wanted to show where I am at right now. The style has changed quite subtly from this time last year. The images are a little more warm, the posing is different now and I use a lot less flash.

Katie and Stephen married last month. They blessed me with the opportunity to photograph their wedding ceremony at Palms Hill in Shropshire - a beautiful and exclusive wedding ceremony venue which only caters for a select few weddings per year.

These guys are pretty awesome. I first met them on their engagement shoot. They were so easy going and brilliant to photograph I knew their wedding was going to be brilliant. They had some great ideas and made their wedding ceremony very personal to them.

We had lots of laughter on the day and produced some great images together without using a single flash, a feat I've been trying to achieve for a few months now.

So this is hot off the press! As I'm writing, Katie and Stephen have only seen the slideshow and we're still waiting for the full package to be finished off. I won't be actually posting the blog until they've received it though. I just wanted to show off, right now, what my wedding photography looks like. I've posted this one alongside Mary and Tom's wedding which you can find by clicking here.

Next month, I think I've got one of my favourite weddings ever to show off. For now, here's what I think is the best wedding I've ever photographed. I've also included a slideshow at the bottom of every image from my camera at Katie and Stephens wedding in a film strip style timelapse :)

It's got everything in there, heavily over exposed, under exposed and even some of the outtakes if you can spot them!


1 July 2017

Rachel and John, Keele Hall Wedding photography

Whew! it is hot!!!
We've been lucky over the past weekend where I had my first two rain free weddings of the year! It's taken until July, but it's finally happened. Hopefully this amazing weather keeps up for the next weddings this month!

We also had amazing weather for Rachel and John's wedding last year! I'm going to start wishing all the brides and grooms a happy anniversary when I post because I seem to be getting round to posting weddings to the blog almost exactly a year behind now, so Happy anniversary John and Rachel!

It was a beautiful day at Keele Hall, one of my more regular wedding photography venues with both John and Rachel looking absolutely awesome! These guys really thought about their guests with the sweet cart, and casino keeping everything going but also, check out the retro arcade games which seemed to be as entertaining for the adults as it was for the kids!

I've had lots of bookings for 2016 coming in over the past few days, even a couple for 2017. For more information on booking wedding photography for 2016 click the link, and to take a look at my rather out of date wedding photography portfolio click the link too. Hopefully, when I find some time between the weddings and the studio I'll be able to up load all of my new stuff!

There's about 70 pics below, take a look!

4 June 2017

Kate and Jamie, wedding photography Staffordshire

It seems like June has finally arrived! I know this because I'm finally able to sit outside and upload images to the blog in the sun. All moved into the new flat and back to work with new wedding deliveries and happy brides and grooms!

I would have been around this time last year I attended my good Friend Kate and her husbands wedding, that was a hot day! Best of all, was the ridiculously cool falconry expert with fast and expensive birds on show!

I can't spend too much time typing, I have to get back to editing, check out the rest of the day below :)

2 April 2017

Rose and Ghaleb, Sandon Hall, Wedding Photography Staffordshire

Happy Easter everyone! It's been so busy at the studio with our kitchen now refurbished and our new infinity curve have made the studio a great place to take and have photographs taken.

This month we've got Rose and Ghaleb on the blog with the wedding at Sandon Hall. I love going to Sandon Hall and this was the first wedding I photographed here after the hall itself was redecorated :D

In a summer which was ridiculously hot it was interesting to have quite a bit of rain, dodging dark clouds and using the amazing window light and features inside.
I've had a cancellation on August 1st 2015 which has opened up 2015 booking again. Remember, if you've looking to book a wedding photographer for late 2015 or 2016 get in touch and check out the 2016 wedding package here.

Wedding photography form Rose and Ghaleb's day below!

7 January 2017

Skye and Mark, Shropshire Wedding photography

Happy new year everyone! Life as a wedding photographer doesn't seem to stop as I was right back to it on the 4th at an amazing wedding. Things are looking good to have a small(ish) break soon so I can update my website, put in the new wedding photography package and hopefully make some nice new refurbishments on the studio :D

My editing schedule has actually reduced significantly now. Only a few hours ago finishing the photographs from my last wedding. It means for the first time in around 9 months I'm actually up to date!!!!!! (until the weekend).

I had only one night of partying over Christmas and it became apparent I am not used to it. A combination of an intolerance to alcohol and food, the freezing cold weather and a hectic, never ending schedule has got me pretty run down with flu at the moment. Hopefully I'll be getting over it tomorrow ready for events this weekend. Looking through Skye and Marks sun-blessed wedding I'm feeling a little better already.

Skye and Mark had their wedding in Shropshire with their reception at a lovely little restaurant in the middle of Shrewsbury. This meant we had an amazing opportunity to explore a historical and interesting town where we found some cool colours to play with.

Skye and Marks wedding sparked a slight change in the editing style last year. I know I changed my editing style on this wedding because the action I created for it is still called "Skyemark". It has a lot more teal tones and a little more push in the whites while moving away form fades. The style stays pretty similar to this right up until December this year.

I've recently found the beauty and ease of lightroom 5 and for the lower light of the winter months I'm trying lightroom with a little bit of a dim curves fade and no colour tones. I may add a little colour to future edits but at the moment I'm loving the fade style of photographic editing in wedding photography.

Enough of the photography geek talk. To see some pretty photographs of a really pretty couple, take a look at these guys below. I've gone a bit crazy with the highlights. Usually I'd only show around 50 images from a wedding normally but as it's the new year I think there's around 100.

Hope you like!

22 September 2015

Wedding photography in Staffordshire package and pricing 2017

We've officially stopped taking bookings for 2016! Now we're looking forward to wedding photography in 2017. We've already had a few dates booked in 2017 but there's still plenty available. We've worked extremely hard this year to refine our style and deliver an exceptional wedding photography experience.

9 August 2015

Sophia Wilson Studio Day, 19th September 2015

It's time for the announcement of our September studio day! This time we have another local returning modelling legend Sophia Wilson! Sophia made her return to modelling a few months back. She has a great, confident style of posing for some great portraits and fashion images!

3 August 2015

Baby Aubi, Baby photo shoots from Briscoe Photography

This weekend we had the coolest little man in. A baby so cool he grew his own natural mohawk. Baby Aubi and his equally awesome parents came in for a photoshoot. Here's a few of the highlights :)

1 August 2015

Pixie Doll Studio evening! 3rd September 2015

Here goes for our second studio evening! If you haven't met Pixie before click on any of the images below to view her porfolio.

15 July 2015

Heather Marie Sellers Studio day, 1st August 2015

After a while off modelling Heather has returned to the world and graced us with her presence at the studio! Now known as Vivian Blue on purpleport and has come back more mature and an excellent posing style!

10 July 2015

Kat Majesty, Studio Evening, 28th July 2015

Here goes for our second studio evening! If you haven't met Kelly before click on any of the images below to view her porfolio.

29 June 2015

Jo Louise Studio Day, 19th July 2015

One of the model world power houses is coming to town on July 19th. There are 10 photographer places available for this date, and they're going to go fast!

I'll let Jo's portfolio do the talking:

14 June 2015

My first portrait. Lookin' goooooood!

Kate brought her family into the studio for a family portrait and this little one's first portrait. It's safe to say he nailed it. Future Hollywood star here. Here's a couple of highlights!

11 June 2015

Briscoe Photography proudly announces the first studio evening!

Luna is no stranger to the studio and we're so happy that we've managed to arrange her own studio evening. The studio evening is a new concept in the studio where we will arrange 3 quick fire rounds for 6 photographers to grab some strong portfolio additions quickly.

We'll make three set ups over three hours with 3 different costume changes. Each photographer gets 8-10 minutes per set up using it how they want. It's a great challenge to get some great stuff using the latest sets in the studio. 

9 June 2015

Studio family portraits at Briscoe photography, Stoke on trent

Sonia and her family popped in between the communion and their party for some quick family portraits. It's not so often the entire family come together and while they were all dressed up they chose the photography studio to pop in and get a few family snaps :D

The shoot didn't last very long at all and we had loads of fun! We also set a new record in the studio by squeezing in 15 people on to the new infinity curve. The most we've had in so far, I even think we could have fitted on a few more children!

20 May 2015

Tom and Becky, Wedding photography, Drayton Manor Park, Staffordshire wedding photography

A bit of a late one this month. Plenty of things going on, the studio is full, we're on the fourth wedding of the official wedding photography season with a few more to come and I've had lot of time taken up with a new house move with a new office set up which is going to make life more comfortable when editing :)

It means Becky and Toms wedding might not be up for long before the next one is added but I really wanted to get it up because there are some really interesting photographs in there :D

7 May 2015

Katie and Steve, Engagement, Palms Hill Wedding photography Shropshire

The other day I travelled to Palms Hill in Shropshire to have a scou/engagment shoot of an awesome little venue. I love these little known venues, often owned and run by the residents of the house they put their heart and soul into making wedding days special. They also tend to only hold a few weddings per year making it all that more special.

Palms hill looks like one of these venues and while I didn't get to meet the owners yet, the grounds look amazing and I can't wait to take some wedding photographs. It looks like one of those wedding venues where I could turn up to and create different photographs time and time again!

Here's a few from our quick engagement photography shoot with Katie and Steve.

6 May 2015

Jo Evans Studio day, 21st June 2015

She's back! We've waited a whole year to get Jo back in the studio and can't wait to see her work her stuff on the new set ups!

Popular Suicide girl Jo has been busy over the year working for some of the top UK modelling sites and she's back for one day only to do what she does best!

20 April 2015

Rachael and Alistair, Engagement shoot, Staffordshire wedding photography

Yesterday we went for a little adventure to a place I haven't been before. I met up with Rachael and Alistair for a lovely engagement shoot. We had a chat about their wedding coming up later in the year and managed to get some lovely images just before the rain came in :)

It sounds like it's going to be a wonderful day, bring on wedding season.

1 April 2015

Jenny O'Sullivan Studio day, 9th May 2015

The may studio day is ready to go!

The popular Jenny O'Sullivan is coming to the studio and there are 10 places up for grabs. I say 10 places, but since I typed that last sentence roughly half the spaces have been grabbed!

I'll provide updates on the facebook and purpleport event as soon as I've worked out how many we have left :)

If you haven't seen Jenny before, check out her portfolio here!

14 March 2015

Baby photo shoot, Benji!

This little bundle of joy came in and absolutely lit up the studio with his smiles. We used the brand new coloured chesnut background for this baby photography shoot with a knitted blanket and captured some awesome cheeky smiles.

To book in your little one for a new or infant photography shoot send an email to enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk - to see more infant photography images, check out our family portrait section or our last blog with baby max. To see more from Benji's photo shoot, see below!

Elle Harris Studio day - 4th April 2015

It's time to announce the next studio day with Elle Harris!

Yesterday, on the same day our new kitchen finally completed, Elle popped in for a shoot and stopped after to do a quick few shops including one in said kitchen!

4 March 2015

Emma and Tom, wedding photography, Haughton Hall Hotel

Wow! who knew I was going to be this busy in what is essentially the 'off season'. I'm still not in the busy wedding photography season yet but the weddings have already started to happen for 2015! We're also having a refurb of the studio with new kitchen facilities and hopefully a new studio area soon once we've decided what features we would like to add.

I wold like to say a big thank you to all of my customers who have essentially booked out the entire 2015 season and a few more couples still booking some late dates still. My focus is now on 2016 recently releasing the 2016 wedding photography package which includes 2 photographers as standard for the entire day! I'll keep my focus here until March when wedding season goes full throttle.

18 February 2015

Kerry-Ann Studio day, 14/3/15, £35

It's finally time to announce the March studio day and this month with have in the amazingKerry-Ann. Kerry-Ann is quickly becoming one of the most sought after models, her portfolio is outstanding and modern and we've got her in the studio on the 14th March!

21 January 2015

Valentines 2015 special offer!

I've got a great little deal for couples or people who want to buy their partner something fun and different for valentines day - it's also easy on the wallet too!

Book a couple shoot between now and valentines day for £20 and we'll have a fun shoot in front of our new red background with 3 images of your choice edited and given to you to do with what you wish!

A great gift for your partner or a couple you may know and a ridiculously good deal!

To find out more information or to book send an email to enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk or call 07732875315 - remember to leave a voicemail, we can be very busy!

13 December 2014

Holly Alexander Studio day 11th January 2015, £25

Here it is! I know lots of people havbe been asking about when the next studio day was going to be announced but we're now ready to take bookings for the amazing Holly Alexander!

I'd not met Holly before she came into the studio for a quick promo shoot but I was blown away with how awesome she looked on camera and how comfortable she is with making the right pose! 

I've had at least 6 people ask me over the past month to book on to this so places are sure to go very quickly!

2 December 2014

Chris and Nicola, Wedding photography, Somerford Hall, Staffordshire

 Chris and Nicola, Somerford hall

We're coming to the end of May with the highlights of this years weddings with Chris and Nicola!

Today it's all about the details as they had some amazing flowers and an awesome table decor at Somerford Hall, Staffordshire. I've been to Somerford hall quite a few times now, each time it has rain just enough to stop it from travelling across the grass to the infamous Somerford arches, I've never even seen them!

But Somerford hall isn't short of amazing photo opportunities, the building is ridiculously bright inside and has amazing huge windows, not to mention the brilliant ceilings.

I had a brilliant time there, as always, and the staff at Somerford made sure Chris and Nicola had a great day too.

Here's a few hightlights!

25 November 2014

Loretta Hope Studio Day, 13th December 2014

Here it is! The last studio of the year!

With Loretta Hope of all models! This is going to be a pretty awesome day. Loretta is an experienced model and aerial performance artist who has worked for great companies and agencies and I can't believe we managed to get her back for a studio day considering how busy she is.

22 November 2014

Briscoe Photography gift vouchers!

Need a great gift for someone this Christmas? How about one of our photography gift vouchers?

28 October 2014

Faye-Evette Studio Day. 8th November 2014

When I found out Faye was planning on cutting back on and even finishing modelling at the end of the year I had to get her back in for a last minute studio day!. Faye's modelling record speaks for itself and this day is likely to sell out in hours! See below for the full details!

Note: 1 space now left - 19:00

20 October 2014

Baby, Newborn portraits, baby Max

Max and his family came into the studio to have some family portraits done. The cutest kid with the coolest shirts. Mummy and daddy took away all the images they wanted for just £100 and can use them to be printed and shared to their hearts content. We also did something a little different at special request at the end... you'll have to see.

If you would like to bring your little one into the studio for their first portrait give us an email on enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk and don't forget to check out our other baby portraits and newborn portraits.

15 October 2014

Dave and Lisa, Wedding photography, Hogarths Hotel

EASTER! I remember Dave and Lisa's wedding was in easter because there were creme eggs (Nom). These guy are awesome. The decked out Hogarths hotel awesomely and had plenty of surprises throughout the day. Dave even attempted a selfie, which... well... it proves why you need a professional :P

An awesome day and hilarious party after check out the highlights below!

14 October 2014

Christmas 2014 Family portrait offer!

That's right! Get your photo shoot done with full resolution images on disc in time for Christmas presents. And just for Christmas, we're going to add on two free 8*10 prints when you by the full resolutions images for £100!

These two happy chappies came in to have their pictures taken for Grandma's Christmas present. We had so much fun jumping around and smiling we had all the images we needed in less than half an hour! We picked up some awesome images which are going to be great on Grandma's mantle piece!

Check out more images on the family portrait page and one of our previous blog family portrait blog posts. If you would like to book in a session of for more information feel free to contact enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk

More pics below!

9 September 2014

Leah Harris Studio Day

She's back! If you've never heard of Leah Harris - where have you been? One of the most sought after models to shoot in the midlands and we have her in the studio for a second time at a ridiculously good rate.

31 August 2014

Newborn photography Stoke on trent, Twins!

Double trouble in the studio!
Amy and Brett, who's wedding I photographed a few years ago brought in their new bundles of joy and screaming into the studio for their first portrait. It was ridiculously cute putting them in their different outfits and watching them snuggle up to each other.

For family portraits inside and out of the studio take a lot at the family portrait page here and get in touch at enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk

Here's a few highlights: 

28 August 2014

Kerrie and Richard, Wedding photography Staffordshire

To April (yes 2014!) with the wedding of Kerrie and Richard at Ardencote Manor. This wedding signaled the beginning of the 2014 wedding season for me. I'm still in the thick of it with 4 weddings last week and 2 this week before I head off for a weeks rest. It's been a tough season, my toughest yet, but I wouldn't change it. I appreciate all of the customers who have booked weddings, photographers in the studio and also my studio customers who are helping the dream become a reality :)

I remember vividly travelling down to Warwick the day before and being blown away by the view and very excited by the prospect of shooting the longest group shot I've ever taken, I was very excited about it on instagram as you can see...

17 August 2014

Family portrait photography in Stoke on Trent, Baby mason.

We've had lots and lots of babies coming in over July and August. We'll be putting up a few more faces soon enough! Today we've got baby Mason who came in a wore some of our new head gear. My fave is definitely the cute bear hat but we've some other fun props in too.

We've been really selective with Mason and shown just a few, in black and white and colour to show how pictures change with the difference in colour. Also, I loved some of the awesome signs he was throwing on the sofa, really cute!

If you would like more information on having your family come into the studio for a portrait session please get in contact via email to enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk - for more examples take a look at our family portrait photography section.

1 August 2014

Richard and Diane, Welcombe Hotel, Stratford, West Midlands wedding photography

It hasn't been all that long since I posted the last wedding for Alex and Kim but it's August now, with 12 weddings between now and September 1st (not to mention the few in September) I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to make much time to write blog posts.

It's great news as this is my busiest year ever. I must admit, the workload is heavy and I could do with some elves to start helping me out but I'm so greatful to all of the couples who have booked and that my wedding photography continues to be successful.
However, I did want to start posting some weddings that were actually photographed this year! Rich and Diane became my first wedding of 2014 when they unexpectedly moved up the date from April. It turns out it was an excellent decision as their original date was completely rained on.

I've not photographed at the Welcombe hotel before but I must say the gardens and wedding ceremony room were very very pretty. As you can expect from these huge manor houses we have large windows that let in enormous amounts of light to the right places and then some dark corners to create some really cool, moody shots- take a look:

27 July 2014

Danielle Marie Studio day, 16th August 2014

Roll up roll up!
It's been almost a year since our first studio day and over a month since our last one so who better to have in than the wonderful Danielle Marie (again)!

20 July 2014

Newborn photography, family portraits Stoke on Trent

Everyone go Awwwwwwh. It's the cutest thing on here since we had these guys take over the studio that time. Ok, some many think that head swap thing was weird and some think it's cool but I think everyone can agree that this is ridiculously cute.

Miles was only 4 weeks old when he came in for his first portrait. Mummy, Daddy and Uncle came in for their pics with him too. He was nice and calm, safely sleeping on our comfy bean bags and sofas being nice and quiet (which doesn't always happen I must admit).

Here's what we picked up from Miles' first portrait session and his portraits with his family :)

18 July 2014

Outdoor family portrait

It's the summer the UK mainland is drenched in sun and the world looks AMAZING. Why not have an outdoor family portrait in your back garden? Local park? or a community centre?

These guys did, and because the little man had a super suit to put on we did something pretty special:
We'll get tons of different shots, I'll send you them all to look at and you can choose as many as you like to have, and a few to be edited all for just £100. If we can squeeze some other interesting stuff in too we definitely will!

Take a look at a few of the highlights below :)
Get in touch at enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk for more information on family portraits  and take a look at the family portrait portfolio here

16 July 2014

Alex and Kim, The Moat House, Staffordshire Wedding photography

July's wedding of the month is Kim and Alex who held their day at The Moat house in Acton Trussel, Staffordshire. This month I wanted to focus on candids!

Documentary, reportage, journalistic wedding photography, whatever you want to call it - it's a standard practice here at Briscoe photography. I'll take hundreds of candid shots at a wedding and if their two of us we'll take thousands! In between all the setups, hiding in corners trying to be as covert as possible to create interesting, natural wedding photography.

Kim and Alex's day wasn't the absolute ideal day for documentary style photography. It was a very challenging environment with a low lit church and the weather not giving anything away as to what it was going to do. Conditions have never been a problem for me at weddings because I use high quality - highly sensitive equipment which allows me to pick up great images in darker than usual places.

Another great example of my candids can be found here, at Andrew and Nicole's wedding where I compiled all of my candids into a full film reel showing every image I took that day! It made for a really interesting version of the day. I may even create another one of these soon!

For now, check out the highlights from Alex and Kim's wedding :)