Emma and Mike, Home Farm, Daventry


Things were a laugh a minute with Emma and Mike who were pretty much up for anything once they had a beer. Lying in grass, climbing on hay bails on a very hot summers day is pretty much the dream for a photographer. One of the easiest weddings I've every shot because it was just so relaxed. A great day, loads of sunburn and dehydration :)

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Katy and Oliver


Katy and Oliver know how to have fun! An awesome party, loads of really cool guests and a Grandad that will sleep anywhere, not a care in the world. A great day, really hot!

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Katie and David


A really cute wedding with Katie and David today. Very rustic, cute teddies, a very cute couple who didn't think they could pose but came out with some serious looks!

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Carl and Christine, The Daffodil, Cheltenham


Another scorcher of a day in Cheltenham with Carl and Christine. This time at the Daffodil hotel which is an old cinema that has so much cool character and design. We had time for a quick walk into the local parks for some snaps as well as some great stuff dodging traffic outside the venue. A beautiful day and a beautiful couple.

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Kailey and Alex


Second shooting today with Lisa Webb Photography. Kailey and Alex had their party in the Teepees at the Wroxeter in Shropshire!

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Hollie and Tom

It's been a crazy year. Lots of wedding photography. I still have so much to show and today I'm scheduling lots of blog posts today to try and show as many as I can. This was an amazing Gatsby-esqe styled wedding. Here's over 450 images from that wedding, and for some reason, we're starting off with the party and ending with the start, just for fun :)

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Jenna and Sam


Jenna and Sam had a beautiful family wedding in the Chestifield

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Jane and Aiden


These two! This was fun, I think I can only show a few today because I think there were too many cool images I didn't want to get the best, fun ones lost in a ream of images. So here's just a few, select images, from this crazy couple's wedding!

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Sarah and Robert, Weston Hall, Staffordshire


Sarah and Rob got married in Weston Hall in Stafford, it was a beautiful sunny day which meant some awesome candids, I also really love working with bubbles for some reason! Here's some highlights!

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Manjit and Karuna, Birmingham Banqueting Suite


It was a chilly three days in Feburary with Manjit and Karuna, first celebrations at home, then the official registry office occasion and finally a huge celebration in Birmingham city centre's famous banqueting suite. I think we finished up with around 4000 images at the end of this wedding but for this blog I can only show 20.

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Maryanne and Scott

Time to inject a little bit of sun into what has been a pretty gloomy winter so far! Maryanne and Scott tied the not in a beautiful venue in Walsall. What's more, is when you get a traditional irish family in with a traditional irish dancing troop you get one seriously good party! Oh yeah, don't forget ridiculously cute dogs!

Amy and Nigel, The Moat House, Acton Trussel


Happy New Year! What a crazy year it has been, today, I'm trying to write and catalogue as many weddings as I can so I can post more regularly. Hopefully it means I can finally show off more of the crazy things we've been up to. For Amy and Nigel we stayed up late to get some adventurous pics. This wedding was so much fun and I didn't think I'd ever manage to talk a bride into climbing a tree for a shot. But we did it and it was well worth it. Such an easy going couple allowing us to take a little bit of risk to get an epic image! 

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Laura and Anthony, Weston Hall, Staffordshire


MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's winter wedding time with Laura and Anthony at Weston Hall. Only a few days before Christmas and this wedding is over and done with! December weddings bring their own challenges to wedding photography with the overcast, short days leaving us with not much to play with. But where there is light, there is room for some really interesting stuff. Not to mention we had a Delorean, sparklers AND some lightsabres. Here's a few highlights :)

Tamsin and Martin

The weather was a little wet and cold for Tamsin and Martins wedding but we didn't let that stop us having a great time! With a cabaret of dancers and  roaming saxophonist who won't have fun? 

Elisha and Gary, Iscoyd Park

Back out with Lisa (www.lisawebbphotography.co.uk) again to see this beautiful couple get married on the Welsh border. These guys had some great little quirks for the guests like a doughnut stand, ice cream, and beautiful room design. A few choice images below the cut but head over to Lisa's website to see much more of the day!

George and Mai

George and Mai were married a few weeks ago and I did some second shooting for Lisa Webb Photography. Lisa has built a huge business in Shropshire and covers all over the country, check her stuff out as she does some ridiculously cool weddings, more pics under the cut!

Rachael and Alistair, Shropshire wedding photography

This wedding was ridiculously fun, I don't really have much else to say about that one. So much stuff went on I've struggled to cut down this wedding into a reasonably sized highlight post. I know I've missed so many great images, so many awesome candids, I'm actually gutted to press the post button!

Katie and Stephen, Wedding Photography, Palms Hill, Shropshire

It's august! I'm making a little change this month from my usual schedule. I tend to, if I can, post one wedding per month and post them in chronological order. The thing is, I'm attending a considerable amount more weddings than I can post at the moment and most of the weddings I blog each month are almost exactly a year old! Yep, I'm an entire year behind with my wedding blog :(

A lot happens in a year. I play with different equipment, I learn new things, tastes change, so I wanted to show where I am at right now. The style has changed quite subtly from this time last year. The images are a little more warm, the posing is different now and I use a lot less flash.

Katie and Stephen married last month. They blessed me with the opportunity to photograph their wedding ceremony at Palms Hill in Shropshire - a beautiful and exclusive wedding ceremony venue which only caters for a select few weddings per year.

These guys are pretty awesome. I first met them on their engagement shoot. They were so easy going and brilliant to photograph I knew their wedding was going to be brilliant. They had some great ideas and made their wedding ceremony very personal to them.

We had lots of laughter on the day and produced some great images together without using a single flash, a feat I've been trying to achieve for a few months now.

So this is hot off the press! As I'm writing, Katie and Stephen have only seen the slideshow and we're still waiting for the full package to be finished off. I won't be actually posting the blog until they've received it though. I just wanted to show off, right now, what my wedding photography looks like. I've posted this one alongside Mary and Tom's wedding which you can find by clicking here.

Next month, I think I've got one of my favourite weddings ever to show off. For now, here's what I think is the best wedding I've ever photographed. I've also included a slideshow at the bottom of every image from my camera at Katie and Stephens wedding in a film strip style timelapse :)

It's got everything in there, heavily over exposed, under exposed and even some of the outtakes if you can spot them!


Mary and Tom, Photography second shooter

A few days ago a good photography friend of mine asked me to head south and help him out at a wedding. I love second shooting. I don't get to do it very often but it's a nice break and a chance to look at things from a different perspective. All the pressure goes away and it gives me a great chance to have a play with a new style. I wanted to pop a few from Mary and Tom's wedding on to the blog to show the style I've been leaning toward recently.