Fiona and Steven, Wedding photography, Ringwood Hall, Sheffield.

I'm back from a mini break in Norway before my life goes into the intense work phase. My Wedding season intensifies this weekend until October so there may be less blog activity with time taken up by editing and deliveries. To all my brides and grooms booked in, I'm still contactable at all the same places including

I've held on to this one for quite a while now. No reason why, I just haven't found the right time to show it off. It was a chilly December day at Ringwood hall. I've photographed weddings quite a few times at Ringwood hall, the last time I was here with Emily and Anthony (you may recognize a few faces from this wedding).

It was very different from Emily and Anthony's wedding. Their's was on a bright, sunny day with lots of time spent out doors where Fiona and Steven's was much colder and spent indoors in closer quarters, a much more challenging situation. It was a still beautiful as Ringwood hall has an amazing interior with large function rooms and beautiful, low lit decor. The staff are also brilliant and helpful allowing me to wander while they continued their great service.

I won't jabber on, have a look at the pics :)

Emma Jackson, GB 800m Runner, Photography

With winter passing and my wedding season within a week of shifting into a higher gear I wanted to post something not involved with my wedding photography.

This shoot took place at the end of last summer but the website, which the images were taken for, isn't finished yet so I can't release them all. However, after the snow, and with the beautiful blue sky and warm sunlight out today I wanted to post some pics that reminded me of summer.

Emma would have been one of my last shoots of last summer. After controversially missing out on running for GB in the 800m at the London 2012 Olympics due to injury, she continues her training with her sights set on Rio. In my brief time with Emma she came across as very bright, friendly and determined with an amazing work ethic. She travels all over the world competing at the highest level heavily funded, like other athletes, by herself. I hope my photographs help her, in their own little way, to prove she's the best.

Karena and Peter, Staffordshire wedding photography

From the large, vibrant wedding of Nerissa and Travis to the refined, intimate wedding or Karena and Peter. Another wonderful couple in their own way with a violin, Harry Potter readings and only a handful of guest at the Lords of the Manor hotel.

It was an honour that Karena and Peter hired me to photograph such an intimate day.