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13 December 2014

Holly Alexander Studio day 11th January 2015, £25

Here it is! I know lots of people havbe been asking about when the next studio day was going to be announced but we're now ready to take bookings for the amazing Holly Alexander!

I'd not met Holly before she came into the studio for a quick promo shoot but I was blown away with how awesome she looked on camera and how comfortable she is with making the right pose! 

I've had at least 6 people ask me over the past month to book on to this so places are sure to go very quickly!

2 December 2014

Chris and Nicola, Wedding photography, Somerford Hall, Staffordshire

 Chris and Nicola, Somerford hall

We're coming to the end of May with the highlights of this years weddings with Chris and Nicola!

Today it's all about the details as they had some amazing flowers and an awesome table decor at Somerford Hall, Staffordshire. I've been to Somerford hall quite a few times now, each time it has rain just enough to stop it from travelling across the grass to the infamous Somerford arches, I've never even seen them!

But Somerford hall isn't short of amazing photo opportunities, the building is ridiculously bright inside and has amazing huge windows, not to mention the brilliant ceilings.

I had a brilliant time there, as always, and the staff at Somerford made sure Chris and Nicola had a great day too.

Here's a few hightlights!

25 November 2014

Loretta Hope Studio Day, 13th December 2014

Here it is! The last studio of the year!

With Loretta Hope of all models! This is going to be a pretty awesome day. Loretta is an experienced model and aerial performance artist who has worked for great companies and agencies and I can't believe we managed to get her back for a studio day considering how busy she is.

22 November 2014

Briscoe Photography gift vouchers!

Need a great gift for someone this Christmas? How about one of our photography gift vouchers?

30 October 2014

David and Lisa, Stevenage, wedding photography staffordshire

To Stevenage! A strange coincidence that I who two couples back-to-back called Dave and Lisa at different ends of the country. For this Dave and Lisa it's all about the details, especially as Lisa owns her own bespoke order wedding service and she didn't disappoint! Lisa has some amazing ideas and a great eye for detail (you'll see below).

I really loved David and Lisa's input, it helped me take on some great new wedding photography challenges. If you happen to read the blog posts regularly you might see some subtle differences and different types of wedding photographs I may not normally take.

Remember to take a look at my wedding photography portfolio and the last few months are left on the wedding photography 2015 deal! I'll be moving on to 2016 very soon!

Take a look below, it's going to be so hard choosing which one to put in my 2015 portfolio!

28 October 2014

Faye-Evette Studio Day. 8th November 2014

When I found out Faye was planning on cutting back on and even finishing modelling at the end of the year I had to get her back in for a last minute studio day!. Faye's modelling record speaks for itself and this day is likely to sell out in hours! See below for the full details!

Note: 1 space now left - 19:00

20 October 2014

Baby, Newborn portraits, baby Max

Max and his family came into the studio to have some family portraits done. The cutest kid with the coolest shirts. Mummy and daddy took away all the images they wanted for just £100 and can use them to be printed and shared to their hearts content. We also did something a little different at special request at the end... you'll have to see.

If you would like to bring your little one into the studio for their first portrait give us an email on enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk and don't forget to check out our other baby portraits and newborn portraits.

15 October 2014

Dave and Lisa, Wedding photography, Hogarths Hotel

EASTER! I remember Dave and Lisa's wedding was in easter because there were creme eggs (Nom). These guy are awesome. The decked out Hogarths hotel awesomely and had plenty of surprises throughout the day. Dave even attempted a selfie, which... well... it proves why you need a professional :P

An awesome day and hilarious party after check out the highlights below!

14 October 2014

Christmas 2014 Family portrait offer!

That's right! Get your photo shoot done with full resolution images on disc in time for Christmas presents. And just for Christmas, we're going to add on two free 8*10 prints when you by the full resolutions images for £100!

These two happy chappies came in to have their pictures taken for Grandma's Christmas present. We had so much fun jumping around and smiling we had all the images we needed in less than half an hour! We picked up some awesome images which are going to be great on Grandma's mantle piece!

Check out more images on the family portrait page and one of our previous blog family portrait blog posts. If you would like to book in a session of for more information feel free to contact enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk

More pics below!

9 September 2014

Leah Harris Studio Day

She's back! If you've never heard of Leah Harris - where have you been? One of the most sought after models to shoot in the midlands and we have her in the studio for a second time at a ridiculously good rate.

31 August 2014

Newborn photography Stoke on trent, Twins!

Double trouble in the studio!
Amy and Brett, who's wedding I photographed a few years ago brought in their new bundles of joy and screaming into the studio for their first portrait. It was ridiculously cute putting them in their different outfits and watching them snuggle up to each other.

For family portraits inside and out of the studio take a lot at the family portrait page here and get in touch at enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk

Here's a few highlights: 

28 August 2014

Kerrie and Richard, Wedding photography Staffordshire

To April (yes 2014!) with the wedding of Kerrie and Richard at Ardencote Manor. This wedding signaled the beginning of the 2014 wedding season for me. I'm still in the thick of it with 4 weddings last week and 2 this week before I head off for a weeks rest. It's been a tough season, my toughest yet, but I wouldn't change it. I appreciate all of the customers who have booked weddings, photographers in the studio and also my studio customers who are helping the dream become a reality :)

I remember vividly travelling down to Warwick the day before and being blown away by the view and very excited by the prospect of shooting the longest group shot I've ever taken, I was very excited about it on instagram as you can see...

17 August 2014

Family portrait photography in Stoke on Trent, Baby mason.

We've had lots and lots of babies coming in over July and August. We'll be putting up a few more faces soon enough! Today we've got baby Mason who came in a wore some of our new head gear. My fave is definitely the cute bear hat but we've some other fun props in too.

We've been really selective with Mason and shown just a few, in black and white and colour to show how pictures change with the difference in colour. Also, I loved some of the awesome signs he was throwing on the sofa, really cute!

If you would like more information on having your family come into the studio for a portrait session please get in contact via email to enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk - for more examples take a look at our family portrait photography section.

1 August 2014

Richard and Diane, Welcombe Hotel, Stratford, West Midlands wedding photography

It hasn't been all that long since I posted the last wedding for Alex and Kim but it's August now, with 12 weddings between now and September 1st (not to mention the few in September) I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to make much time to write blog posts.

It's great news as this is my busiest year ever. I must admit, the workload is heavy and I could do with some elves to start helping me out but I'm so greatful to all of the couples who have booked and that my wedding photography continues to be successful.
However, I did want to start posting some weddings that were actually photographed this year! Rich and Diane became my first wedding of 2014 when they unexpectedly moved up the date from April. It turns out it was an excellent decision as their original date was completely rained on.

I've not photographed at the Welcombe hotel before but I must say the gardens and wedding ceremony room were very very pretty. As you can expect from these huge manor houses we have large windows that let in enormous amounts of light to the right places and then some dark corners to create some really cool, moody shots- take a look:

27 July 2014

Danielle Marie Studio day, 16th August 2014

Roll up roll up!
It's been almost a year since our first studio day and over a month since our last one so who better to have in than the wonderful Danielle Marie (again)!

20 July 2014

Newborn photography, family portraits Stoke on Trent

Everyone go Awwwwwwh. It's the cutest thing on here since we had these guys take over the studio that time. Ok, some many think that head swap thing was weird and some think it's cool but I think everyone can agree that this is ridiculously cute.

Miles was only 4 weeks old when he came in for his first portrait. Mummy, Daddy and Uncle came in for their pics with him too. He was nice and calm, safely sleeping on our comfy bean bags and sofas being nice and quiet (which doesn't always happen I must admit).

Here's what we picked up from Miles' first portrait session and his portraits with his family :)

18 July 2014

Outdoor family portrait

It's the summer the UK mainland is drenched in sun and the world looks AMAZING. Why not have an outdoor family portrait in your back garden? Local park? or a community centre?

These guys did, and because the little man had a super suit to put on we did something pretty special:
We'll get tons of different shots, I'll send you them all to look at and you can choose as many as you like to have, and a few to be edited all for just £100. If we can squeeze some other interesting stuff in too we definitely will!

Take a look at a few of the highlights below :)
Get in touch at enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk for more information on family portraits  and take a look at the family portrait portfolio here

16 July 2014

Alex and Kim, The Moat House, Staffordshire Wedding photography

July's wedding of the month is Kim and Alex who held their day at The Moat house in Acton Trussel, Staffordshire. This month I wanted to focus on candids!

Documentary, reportage, journalistic wedding photography, whatever you want to call it - it's a standard practice here at Briscoe photography. I'll take hundreds of candid shots at a wedding and if their two of us we'll take thousands! In between all the setups, hiding in corners trying to be as covert as possible to create interesting, natural wedding photography.

Kim and Alex's day wasn't the absolute ideal day for documentary style photography. It was a very challenging environment with a low lit church and the weather not giving anything away as to what it was going to do. Conditions have never been a problem for me at weddings because I use high quality - highly sensitive equipment which allows me to pick up great images in darker than usual places.

Another great example of my candids can be found here, at Andrew and Nicole's wedding where I compiled all of my candids into a full film reel showing every image I took that day! It made for a really interesting version of the day. I may even create another one of these soon!

For now, check out the highlights from Alex and Kim's wedding :)

11 June 2014

Bryony and Stuart, Wedding photography Sandon Hall, Staffordshire

Sandon Hall
I've been really slow at posting recently. This is due to the huge amount of weddings and other photography work I have at the moment. I've taken an hour or so away from editing to show off Bryony and Stuart who tied the knot at Sandon Hall last summer.
It's hard to think that this wedding is almost a year old, but I can't show off all of my weddings at once!

Sandon Hall is a wonderful place full of many little gems. The image above is one of my favourites at the moment and went straight on to my wedding photography portfolio when it was updated at the beginning of this year :) We were very lucky to find this amazing little spot.

For the rest of the photography form this wedding see below :)

7 May 2014

Emma and Luke, Wedding photography, Oxford

When you take a couple outside in the rain onto one of the busiest high streets in the country, stop traffic, stop pedestrians and actually include pedestrians as actors in your shot... it better come out.

This is officially my favourite wedding image at the moment (the monochrome version further down this blog may actually be my fave) just because I know there's 4 ushers on either side of this picture trying to create a little walkway for thousands of weekend shoppers. This is actually the corner where the two met after chatting on the internet. I knew exactly what I wanted the image to turn out like and this must be one of the few times the image has ended up exactly how I imagined it, including the bike and taxi.

We only took a couple of shots outside, due to the rain and busy streets but I was so lucky the town hall had such a beautiful interior. A great challenge, a crazy couple who I've gotten to know much more as the year has gone by and a slight change to my normal wedding photographs.

6 May 2014

Rosee G in the studio, 28th June 2014, £35

A special journey is being made on 28th June by Rosee from down in Edgware to be at our studio. She's in for a shoot in the morning but in a rare, and possibly final shoot she has allowed us to see if any other photographers would like to come in and shoot.


2 May 2014

Back to the circus!

It's not the first time I've visited the Circus Starr crew and I always feel in awe of the amazing acts and acrobatics. I photographed the crew for their last tour and showed off some highlights here: http://blog.briscoephotography.co.uk/2013/06/circus-starr-commercial-photography.html
Well, I was humbled to be asked back for their spring tour and here to show some of the highlights. I love working for these guys, not just because it's an amazing show and I get to eat popcorn but because it's a brilliant charity holding workshops for disabled children on top of helping sponsors purchase tickets. They're also developing an awesome app to help children understand their experience at the circus using my images. I can't wait to see how it comes out: http://www.circus-starr.org.uk/

28 April 2014

Jo Evans Studio Day, 18th May 2014

Our next studio day has finally been announced! It's not all that far away so you're going to have to book quite quickly. We had a few words about Jo coming to our studio at our studio day with Faye yesterday and already booked a few places with some photographers.

15 April 2014

Studio Engagement shoot

I can't believe it's taken this long to merge the studio and the weddings so close together. I always thought it would be too limiting to have an engagement shoot in the photography studio. In truth, this still wasn't my idea, but proved it was very possible to take some strong engagement pics in the studio. Here's a few highlights:

3 April 2014

Welcome to the Briscoe Photography studio!

Welcome to the Briscoe Photography studio!
Our studio is available for hire for just £10 per hour. This includes use of all of the lights and lighting equipment.
It is a medium sized space capable of fitting a large family shoot, medium commercial shoot and is ideal for model or portrait shoots. We are looking for models and photographers who want to host workshops, host modelling days, use for personal work. We want you to be able to use the studio as your own when you hire with full use of our kitchen and bathroom facilities and shop front. We will even welcome your guests/clients for you if you wish. We aim to relieve any pressure from your work by taking away any logistical issues regarding the studio and allowing you to work on with getting your images.

Feel free to come in and visit us. If you send a message we can make an appointment for you Smile
Look out for out studio days! We tend to host one per month with a wide range of models. We attract (and aim for) models from around the country. The aim is to let photographers shoot models they might not usually have access to because of distance/time.
Our studio is sponsored by photographic giant Neewer who allow us access to a great range of their equipment. Get a first hand look and use of the equipment before you buy it from ebay or Amazon.
Currently at our studio we have the following equipment for use: 
-Neewer 180W and 250W heads
-2 Neewer 120cm Softboxes
-Neewer 55" Gridded Octabox
-Neewer 55" Parbolic Umbrella
-Full sized lighting boom
-6x7ft  Lastolite Hilite
-Smaller Neweer softboxes
-Constant lighting for video and photography including constant rightlight
-Various patterned fabric backgrounds

Feel free to contact us by phone or email to arrange an appointment or make a booking.
Terms and conditions apply.

2 April 2014

Priti and Chris, Staffordshire wedding photography, Heath House, Tean

Whoo hoo! We've moved into September of last year and what a wedding I've got for you today!

Priti and Chris had their wedding day at Heath House in Tean on a beautiful sunny day, perfect for wedding photography. Personally, the image above is one of my favourite EVER. I love the chairs and how they were stacked out. Sometimes it just comes down to a little bit of luck and, boom, an awesome wedding photograph.

A very very long day, I think I had to catch a flight that evening to a wedding in Spain too. But it was well worth sticking around until the end to get some crazy party shots, and a pretty spectacular first (and second) dance.

Thanks so much for the Heath house, their staff and catering for being so helpful on the day. Also, a huge shout goes to Wayne The Staffordshire toastmaster, I've seen many toastmasters in my short career but none as good and helpful as this guy.

Remember, we're still booking for 2015, lots of couples have taken up our new wedding photography offer - We now have at least one wedding booked for each month next year! This is quite unbelievable to have this level of booking a year ahead and thank you so much to all of the couples who have been to the studio recently :)

1 April 2014

Faye-Evette Betts Studio day, 27th April 2014

Our next studio is ready to go with Faye-Evette Betts!
We've already booked a few places so there's only 8 spaces left! This one is going to go fast!

25 March 2014

Music photography, Staffordshire

Wedding season has officially started and I'm booked out almost every Saturday from now until November. While it can get really intense through the summer months for me it can be nice to pick up other, different, jobs along the way. One of this different jobs is music photography. While I don't tend to shoot live music as much anymore I often still photograph portraits of bands, Djs, musicians and producers. It's a great change of pace for me allowing me to practice skills I wouldn't normally use at weddings and explore the possibilities of using some of these skills in my wedding photography.

Because I use my music photography for this reason I can charge as little as £100 for studio and location photography. Get in touch for a quote, with your ideas, and your feedback. We've plenty of ideas in the bank, we just need to find the right artists to put them with.

There's some more recent stuff below the cut, with a few old favourites towards the end. 

15 March 2014

Gavin and Rebecca, Wychwood Park, Wedding photography staffordshire

I was supposed to post this on #weddingwednesday! But life got in the way a little and I've only just been able to write everything up :)

With the few days of lovely sun I thought I'd post another sunny wedding blog with Gaving and Rebecca at Wychwood Park. Wychwood Park is a very modern wedding venue within a vast golf club. Gavin and Rebecca had their marriage ceremony outside, perfect for wedding photography, making life ridiculously easy for me and increasing the candid count tenfold!

Have a look at what we got up to :)

7 March 2014

Neewer Partnership

Finally! We are so proud to announce our new partnership with Neewer photographic!

We've been testing Neewer products since the studio began but we have now, officially, partnered to bring more of the products to our customers!

Photographers can now get hands on with top Neewer studio products when attending one of our studio days, private hiring the studio or taking part in our any of our future work shops.

We now have HUGE soft boxes in the studio including a 55" gridded Octabox paired with our awesome Neewer studio flashes.

We hope to have everything up and running by our next studio day which will be announced tomorrow morning!

5 March 2014

Family portrait photography in Stoke on trent, Staffordshire!

With all the crazy stuff going on with the studio at the moment it's easy to neglect showing off our regular family portrait work! We have families in every day looking for some fun portraiture to hang on the wall of spice up their facebook! Many find us on Groupon but you can also get the same great deals by just calling in or emailing us!

At Briscoe Photography we offer a full family portrait session, fully edited images on disc for just £100, a great deal! Here's a few more from one of our latest Family shoots! You may even recognize a few faces from the Simone and Scotts wedding which we posted last week!

3 March 2014

Our very FIRST music video

We've spoken tons about a few big announcements on facebook recently but today rock band Sworn to Oath released one we've been sitting on for AGES!

25 February 2014

Simône and Scott, Staffordshire wedding photography

Oh to be in August and shooting first dances in the daylight again!
The first wedding of the season went off in style with Rich and Diane tying the knot down in Stratford!

I'm sure I'll show that wedding off in around 6 months or so because I'm still going through the queue of weddings I photographed last year and we're still in August with Simone and Scott.

I'll start with news on what Chris and I have been up to since the last date. Lots and lots of family shoots in the studio, coupled with studio days in the studio and lots of new wedding couples meeting me in the studio. I'm writing off the back off an excellent week so far, one of our most significant weeks in my career so far. I can't say too much, as it's all to be rolled out but on top of a few great magazine publishes, some new strings to our bow and an excellent month in the studio we're also striking some new exciting deals with the photography gods :)

Enough about the studio, though, we're in wedding mode and after the wedding this year I had to pop up another amazing wedding I went to with one of the cutest couples I've ever photographed. Here's the highlights!

Richard Smith Studio day, 8th March 2014, £20

The first of many announcements for our studio in the next few weeks! We're proud to announce our first male studio day with Richard Smith.

Essex born Richard has been an accomplished model for over 3 years now with clothing companies and other accessory companies all wanting to get their products on him. We managed to get him down from Manchester for a short shoot to show off his tattoos and give an example of what can be achieved in our studio in just 20 minutes. It's so easy to produce really strong images when you have a model who is as trained and confident as Richard, I can't wait to see what others can produce on the day because the standard of you guys coming in has been so high recently!

As you can see, this boy has dedicated his body to tattoo art which will make for some really interesting work. He also has a few piercings giving him the full alt look!
Check out his full portfolio here along with a few of the shots we pulled off in the studio :)

Join the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/215277038670754

9 February 2014

Louise and Richard, Wedding photography, Park Hall Farm, Leigh

My body is still in January, my head in March and my blog is still back in August! It's coming up to that stressful time of year again and this year it's longer than ever! WEDDING SEASON.

I'm currently taking a few days off in Norway before the commotion starts but I'm still planning everything for my first wedding of the year which is only days away now!

However, while I pre-plan my future events let's take a look back at a lovely wedding from last year. A golden couple, so lovely, who made a brilliant day happen at Park Hall Farm, Leigh. So here's Louise and Richard :)

5 February 2014

Yvette and Ben, Oak Farm Hotel, Cannock

There's going to be a lot more wedding posting coming in the near future! My 2014 wedding season starts this month and I'm still posting wedding from August last year!! So plenty to come in the next couple of weeks :)

It's all about the details for this post. Yvette and Ben had lots of brilliant little things going on at their wedding at the Oak Farm Hotel, Cannock. Too much for me to show in one post. But if you're planning a wedding at the moment you'll find some great little ideas that went down a treat!

I can't say how much I enjoyed Ben and Yvettes wedding, they kept their cool as we darted in and out of bright sunshine and 30 second downpours to get the photographs :)

Plenty more too see under the cut!

4 February 2014

Last two places for our Vicky Burns studio day! - Highlights from our Leah Harris Studio day!

We had a really fun time on Saturday with Leah Harris in the studio! We had a long day of 10 photographers shooting each with their own hourly slot. I didn't manage to get a ton of footage, I trained with my new steady cam in between making tea and setting up lights, the day was so busy but hopefully this short video give a sense of the fun we had and the different sets ups everyone was able to achieve.

Photographers have started to post their images to various sites and you can see a few of the awesome achievements in the cut below :)

20 January 2014

Laura and Mark, Wedding photography, Compton Verney

I'd never heard of Compton Verney before Laura and Mark invited me along for their engagement shoot and I was absolutely blown away. Considering it's located only a few miles from my home town and contains some of Britain's most expensive and historical art pieces I figured I should know about it. Either way, the visit made me ridiculously excited to shoot this wedding. Laura and Mark informed me there would be only 11 of their nearest and dearest attending in a room, surrounded by art, which has never been used as a wedding venue until their date. In a word, honoured.

On the day, the conditions couldn't have been more perfect and it produced some my favourite, ever, wedding photographs. An absolutely memorable day for me with a wonderful couple.

16 January 2014

Vicky Burns Studio day, 16th February 2014

We try to have only one studio day per month, but because our studio day with Leah Harris sold out really quickly and she is doesn't tour in this area very often, we've put on a second date in February with modelling powerhouse Vicky Burns!

We've been lucky to secure Vicky while she's on her Uk and Ireland tour with Briscoe Photography being one of only two northern/midlands dates!

5 January 2014

Leah Harris, Studio day, 1st February 2014

Studio days are a brilliant way for photographers and creatives to come together to learn, share and gain great experience in a studio environment with one of the most sought after models at the moment by spreading the cost.

1 January 2014

Nicole and Andrew, wedding photography staffordshire

Time to inject some sunshine into quite a grubby winter!
When the majority of a wedding takes place outside I take a ridiculous amount of frames in my camera. When played at speed these images can come together as a short film. It gave me the idea to see if I could show Nicole and Andrews wedding photographs as a whole, no editing, all 1600 frames :) Take a look and let me know what you think!

Just to keep it tidy, the finished images can be found under the cut. And if you know anyone looking for a wedding photographer in Staffordshire for 2014/15 get in touch :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!