Party time!

This might be the quickest I've gone from shooting a wedding to getting it in a blog post! I wanted to write this one as quick as possible because I have an exceptionally busy (but exciting) weekend coming up.

Yesterday I was taking a few pictures at Moddershall Oaks for Liz and Chris. In spite of the rain we had a wonderful day getting some great pics with the moody clouds. I haven't seen them yet, they're scheduled for editing tomorrow. However, the reason I have stayed up until 3am on a Sunday (well... Monday morning) is to have a look at the amazing party they had after!

I'm sorry all other weddings - but these guys knew how to party. Everyone was up and dancing all night with lots going on.

The wedding reception and party is often forgotten about where photography is concerned. It's also one of the hardest things to get right. For every one shot I get that is acceptable there are 50 that are out of focus, under lit, blurred or have random coloured lights making a mess - it's a minefield. But when you have a room full of energy it's so much easier to get some great pictures, after all, it's the people who make them what they are.

So I've dedicated this blog post to the wedding reception and all the party goers. From the first dance, right through the night!

Paul and Alison - The Upper House, Barlaston

Paul and Alisons wedding at The Upper House in Barlaston was wonderful. I met these two on a number of occasions before their wedding and I've loved popping over for chats :)

I've enjoyed being in their company as much as I did editing their photographs - so much so that I want to share a few more than normal with you. I've shared a lot of my wedding portrait photography in previous posts so I thought I'd show a bit more of my candid, reportage or documentary photography - it has so many names I don't know what to call it.

To make it a little more fun, I haven't storyboarded them, it's purely a random pull from Paul and Alison's pool of photographs.

Anyway... here's 40 :)