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11 December 2013

Loretta Hope Studio day, 29th December 2013

We had to set up a December day so we're squeezing in a cheeky last minute post-xmas studio day with Loretta Hope. Loretta is an amazing aerialist, dancer, actor, model who has worked photographic workshops with top photographers for years and has kindly agreed a amazing deal to travel to the studio. Trust me, with her bubbly personality, it's going to be a fun day!

10 December 2013

Laura and Gary, Three horseshoes Inn, Leek, Wedding photography

A friend once told me the reason so many mills were built in Leek was because of the guaranteed wet climate. It seems they were correct. I've photographed quite a few weddings at the Three Horseshoes Inn, Leek. It's quickly becoming my most photographed wedding venues. The staff are brilliant, the way they set out their wedding ceremonies are brilliant and the reception room they turn it into afterwards is large and ideal for a party!

Outside, they have an amazing view of the Staffordshire Moorlands with wonderful areas to sit underneath "The Roaches". If it rains, it's not so easy to do these things but the Three Horseshoes has a lovely, low lit, interior to compensate. As a photographer it's not so easy to come in from the rain when there's such an amazing landscape outside. So you have to get a little bit creative.

For me, this is the reason why you get yourself an experienced professional photographer to cover those important events. A photographer who's in it for the pay cheque or hasn't pushed themselves to adapt to certain unfavourable situations might not be able to cope with something as simple as a rainy day in a low lit venue and might have to rely on luck alone.

There's nothing wrong with luck. Most of my images are 'lucky'. Often, an image I've been imagining comes out very different in reality. Other times I'm just in the right place at the right time and capture that little bit of emotion where if I'd been less experienced, I might not have had the right exposure or focus or even equipment.

The photograph above was a mix of luck, equipment and training. I had no idea the rain was going to fall onto my camera this way but I did know that this couple were going to look awesome in this light. The mix of luck and experience created one of the best shots I've ever taken in what was one of the most challenging weddings, photographically, I've had in a while.
Pardon for preaching a little here but when I photographed Laura and Gary's wedding it made me think about why I should be chosen to photograph a couples wedding over another photographer who may not have dedicated themselves as much to the trade - or, a topic for another day, why your uncle probably shouldn't photograph your wedding.

I can't capture every single moment. When Chris comes with me to a wedding we both couldn't possibly capture every single thing that happens. But when you have a well trained, well backed up photographer you increase your chances of capturing as many of these opportunities as possible.

Certain factors must come into alignment at the right time, light, angle, space, emotion, background and finally... the moment has to happen. 

I'm often shown some amazing pictures by aunties and uncles at weddings where fortune has gifted them with a great photograph that I had no chance of getting because one of these things wasn't in line for me at that time. The thoughts I had about my own photography at Laura and Gary's wedding was that I was able to find these alignments quite often. My knowledge of photography allowed me to increase the probability of me capturing more amazing moments on their special day.

That's why you should hire a photographer who has dedicated themselves to learning their trade. Because they will get lucky more often.

Ok, essay over.... who wants to see how lucky I got?

4 December 2013

Last chance book in your Christmas portrait shoot!

Last chance to get your Christmas card shoots in!
We've had lots of families take advantage of our £35 Christmas family portrait offer and we're calling last call on being able to get your photo session done and prints back to you in time!

Thank you so much to everyone who has come into the studio recently. As many of you know, it wasn't so long ago that we started and it's looking like our great new adventure is going to be a success!

Thank you to all the couples, families, parents, children, photographers, models, businesses, bloggers and organisations who have used our services. We're still a little rough around the edges but we're always striving to improve and create great even better pictures each time.

23 November 2013

3 kids rolling around on the studio floor :)

We've had our first Christmas card delivery to the studio after 3 big kids came in and rolled around on our studio floor :)

They took advantage of our Christmas shoot with 10 free Christmas cards offer which is still on! Plenty have booked in already and I can't wait to show off everyone in their Christmas hats :)
Come into the studio for a fun filled family portrait session and get 10 free cards to send out to friends and family in time for Christmas!

16 November 2013

Richard and Diane, Engagement shoot

All I can really remember from this shoot is how soggy my feet were! Richard and Diane suggested we travel to a park they like to go to in Redditch for their engagement shoot. It rained, pretty hard, but it cleared for a bit allowing us to get out there and get some great shots for to celebrate their engagement. I decided to go a little more hipster on this one. The rustic style suits the weather and Richard and Diane said they really liked autumn colours. We went for a poorly equipped hike across muddy trails and up a very slippery hill to get to some really beautiful spots hidden in the trees :)

I can't wait for their wedding next year.

10 November 2013

Studio day with Eve Elle, 30th November 2013, Briscoe photography studio

After the amazing success of last months studio day with Danielle Marie Whitehead we've decided to set up our second date with the outstanding Eve Elle.

A circus performer by trade, Eve is a well published and highly sought after agency represented model working regularly at top events across the UK.
Eve popped into the studio so we could show off what we can achieve in a short amount of time. As with Danielle I wanted to produce a strong image set in under 45 minutes. It's a real testament to a models skill when you can take a small, simple and quick lighting set up and create some really strong images. Eve is another exceptional model with great awareness and has an excellent connection with the camera.

It's going to be another awesome day.
Join in the facebook event page too!

7 November 2013

Lauren and Geoff, Wedding photography, Somerset

Wedding season has finally come to a close, end of October. Just a few weddings left to edit (and one or two dotted wedding dates up until Christmas) then I'll be ready to concentrate on the studio for the winter!

I'll be starting my wedding campaign again in January with the wedding photography season set to recommence in March next year! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all 25 brides and grooms who are already booked in for 2014 and I can't wait to see all of your wonderful and unique wedding days!

For today's blog we continue with the Summer! I was so humbled when Lauren and Geoff asked me to travel down to Somerset, right onto the fields of the infamous Glastonbury festival to photograph their truly amazing rustic wedding. Bunting and pastel colours galore AND SUN!!! 

I'm starting to miss the sun now we're in Autumn. Unlike last year, I've been very lucky with a lot of sunny weddings along with stunning couples making it so easy to photograph weddings. Lauren and Geoff's stunning farm location just made it that more special.

A wonderful day, for a wonderful couple

4 November 2013

Family Portrait at Briscoe Photography studio, 16 People!

We hit a record for the studio when Danielle brought her family in for a family portrait in our Stoke-on-trent studio. In the short space of time our studio had been open we've had many varying requests but we weren't sure how many we could fit into one photograph!

So when faced with 16, we were beginning to wonder if we had tested the boundaries too far. We popped everyone in a saw we even had a little room to spare for a few more creating this really cute family portrait!

At the moment we're running our Christmas family portrait offer but we always have our regular offer where we can get you into our studio in Stoke on Trent with 5 free 6*4 prints for just £15! Send us an email to enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk to find out more!

In the mean time, check out few highlights from rest of the portrait session under the cut.

28 October 2013

Christmas family portrait promotion!

It's that time of year again!
We're offering a full family photo shoot for just £35! We'll take lots of different pics (they don't all have to be Christmas themed) and you can choose a cheesy Christmas photo to go on the front of 10 free Christmas cards! 

Call us to set up your photography session! Booking is available now, get in early so we can get your cards printed on time!

14 October 2013

Danielle Marie Whitehead - Photographers studio day

PHOTOGRAPHERS! We're proud to announce our first studio day featuring talented professional model Danielle Marie Whitehead.

Studio days are a great time to share knowledge, improve studio techniques and get some great portfolio boosters! We've partnered with Danielle to make it easier and quicker to create images and prove photography technique by taking away equipment and subject issues. This allows you to concentrate on getting great images.

The ethos of the studio day revolves around mutual improvement and sharing. Photographers are expected to have around 30-40 minutes shooting time with Danielle but the set up, make up and concept building, which is usually apart of this time is achieved without our subject but by using other photographers, or myself, to test allowing Danielle to jump in and do her thing.

4 October 2013

Rebekah and Matt, Wedding photography, Old Vicarage country house hotel, Bridgnorth

Continuing with this summers weddings now!
Rebekah and Matt tied the knot at Old Vicarage country house hotel in Bridgnorth. These two are a wonderfully kind-spirited couple who put together an amazing, personal wedding with the help of a beautiful and caring family. The reception was so bright and vibrant thanks to the great number of windows and doors making a pleasure to shoot :)

28 September 2013

Emilie and Raphael, Wedding photography Shropshire, Goldstone Hall, Market Drayton

So close to the end of the season now! Only one more run of weddings to go and I'll be able to concentrate a little harder on the studio and start thinking about winter! We've lots of Christmas offers and ideas coming up as soon as the summer is out of the way!

Speaking of summer! What can I say about Emilie and Raph's wedding? SUNNY would be one. I can't believe how much sunnier it's been compared to last year! Emilie and Raphael got lucky at Goldstone Hall, Market Drayton with the weather but excellent planning made it perfect! Awesome cakes, brilliant decoration and a beautiful venue.

18 September 2013

High Flyrers, Asian music photography

Music producers Indie and Gurj of High Flyers came into the studio ahead of the release of their new single Aaja Hun for some single and promotional photographs for their artwork. I also visited the shooting of their music video in Birmingham. Loved working with these guys and the guys at Ballistic video, we picked up some really good stuff. More photographs, information about the new single and the video trailer under the cut :)

6 September 2013

Rebecca and James, Engagement shoot, Derbyshire wedding photography

I had to get this one out there because Rebecca and James are getting married in October! I recently traveled to Loughborough to visit this really funny couple and get some nice engagement photographs. As usual, the weather was against us but we found some gaps in the rain to get out to a local park for some pics!

I(Paul) have a very intense couple of weeks coming up squeezing around 5 weddings into the next 2 weeks around the country (and even one in Spain) so I may not be as contactable as usual and I ask for your patience if you leave me a voicemail or email over the next week or so :)

Chris is back from his holidays now, however, and is free to take any calls at our photography studio. He's there most days, when we aren't shooting on location, so feel free to pop in for a cuppa and ask about our up coming portrait deals for Christmas!

Thanks very much! Here's a few more from todays shoot under the cut :)

23 August 2013

Natalie and David, Wedding photography, Ramsdale Golf Club, Nottingham

This time of year is really tough. I've had non-stop weddings now since May and it doesn't end until November. Please don't take that the wrong way. I'm so grateful to be doing a job that I love and am very passionate about but when you're exhausted all you can do is have a little moan about it :p

Thank you so much to all of the couples so far this year. Every wedding has been amazing with something unique happening at each one and many of you have seen mine and Chris' excited faces when we've got a shot we really liked. Thank you so much.

I'm here to bring you a wedding from MAY! So long ago, but Natalie and Davids wedding I will always remember for their hilarious antics and my general exhaustion on what was a super sunny day in Nottingham.

After a wonderful church wedding we headed to Ramsdale Golf club, Nottingham for a brilliant party and some great group shots on a wide open golf course. It was a wonderful day and I can't wait to see their book.

9 August 2013

Father and son... head swap!

A bit of an odd request, as you can see....
Last night we went into the studio for a rather quick and rather improptu family portrait with father and son, Paul and Theo. Paul has talked about doing this head swap thing for some time and I'm so glad we finally got round to it... because it's hilarious.

Still a few bugs to fix with it yet but I just had to get this shoot up as a test to how quickly a shoot like this can be done (I was up rather late last night).

Below are a few of the original pics from the shoot :P

1 August 2013

We're open!

Last Sunday we held our opening evening at our new photography studio on London road in Stoke-on-Trent. It was a wonderful evening with drinks, cupcakes and a queue for the ringlight :D We met lots of new people, photographers, models and I thank everyone who turned up to show their support. It was really appreciated.

14 July 2013

Photography Workshops and studio days!

Monthly networking night!

Each month the studio hosts the Staffordshire photography networking night! It is usually held on the first or second Sunday of the month and is open to all photographers, models, make up artists, designers, hair stylists and agencies to pop in and share details or information about what they've been up to over the previous month. 

We will have a set up in the studio for models to strut their stuff if they wish with themed nights occurring every few months!

Entrance is £5 just to cover lighting and heating for the evening and closes whenever the last few networkers are ready to leave, we've stayed creating some amazing stuff past midnight before with lots of sharing and helping each other get the best images we can.

Here's a fun little video from some of our past networking nights!


To find out when the next networking night is and to see some highlights form the previous nights keep up to date on the facebook group here!

Photography Workshops and studio days.

Workshops and studio days are a great way for a photographer to gain skills, share, learn and create in our studio environment.

We aim to hold a studio day once per month bringing in different, versatile models from around the country for a reasonable price. Our studio days are designed to put photographers together to share ideas and help each other create awesome images.

Up and coming studio days:

19th September 2015 - Sophie Wilson - Taking bookings!

1st August 2015  - Heather Marie Sellers - SOLD OUT!

19th July 2015 - Jo Louise - SOLD OUT

21st June 2015 - Jo Evans -


9th May 2015 - Jenny O'Sullivan - SOLD OUT!

4th April 2015 - Elle Harris


14 March 2015  - Kerry-Ann - SOLD OUT


11th January 2015 - Holly Alexander -

DECEMBER 13th 2014 - Loretta Hope - 

8/11/14 - Faye-Evette - SOLD OUT

26/10/14 - Eve Elle

21/9/2014 - Leah Harris - Full Details here

16/08/14 - Danielle Marie - full details here

28/6/14 - Rosee G - Limited spaces available! Full details here:

18/5/14 - Jo Evans - 12:00 slot now available, last space! - Full information here!


27/4/14 - Faye Evette Betts - SOLD OUT

8/3/14 - Dickie Smith SOLD OUT!
16/2/14 - Vicky Burns SOLD OUT

1/2/14 - Leah Harris SOLD OUT
30/11/13 - Eve Elle SOLD OUT
27/10/13 - Danielle Marie Whitehead SOLD OUT

*NEW* Studio Evenings

Studio evenings are short, midweek, evening studio sessions limited to a small amount of photographers getting some quick portfolio builders with some excellent new and established models!

PIXIE DOLL - 3rd September 2015


Luna Mae - 30th June 2015



Workshops for studio lighting, location photography and editing are coming in 2015.

8 July 2013

Ness and Matt, Wedding photography, Kelham House, Nottinghamshire

Want some awesome ideas for your wedding decorations? Check out this wedding. Ness and Matt tied the knot at Kelham House in Nottinghamshire. I loved the rooms at this place, lots of light coming in from the window like you would get with a traditional country manor but decorated in a modern and very stylish way, perfect for wedding photography.

So many weddings to blog. I think I'm going to be blogging some of my May/June weddings as late as September! Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words and hello to all of the new customers that have booked recently :)

4 July 2013

Harriet, Studio baby portrait

Chris took over the other day when we had 4 week old Harriet in for our first baby shoot in the new studio!
We haven't finished the furnishings or even the website for our new photography studio but we've had 4 shoots in it already! Thank you so much to everyone for the support and our lovely new customers :)

Our baby portrait setups are almost ready to go but we decided we had to use our awesome blue sofa for most of Harriet's baby shoot. I'm only going to show a couple, because I'd like to save the most of them for the parents, but here's a couple :)

Looking for a photographer in Stoke? Get in touch! contact us at enquiries@briscoephotography.co.uk or pop into the studio for a chat at 225 London rd, Stoke, St45aa 

26 June 2013

Laura and Mark, Engagement, Compton Verney

A bit of an impromptu post here. I've had this for a while but I've never been able to get around to editing. I headed down to the tremendous art gallery Compton Verney in the West Midlands a few weeks to meet with Laura and Mark for a chat about their wedding in July.

It was a beautiful day and I was truly blown away by the location so we thought we might as well have a little engagement shoot for a bit of fun :)

To make it more fun, I'd only brought along an 85mm lens. I set myself the targets of getting the art work and interiors in and we took the shots in as short time as possible :)

Here's what we came up with :)

11 June 2013

Av feat. Manak-e - Tension, music photography

A few months ago I traveled down to London for a short shoot with AV Anish for his up coming releases for VIP records. The first release 'Tension' is out now on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/tension-feat.-manak-e-ag-dolla/id647181373
I love the art work they put together for it using one from Manak-e we shot in the studio a while ago too. It's great when graphic designers get a free run with things, I like seeing the images used in different ways that I'd never even think of.

Pics from the original shoot and the released music video for 'Tension' under the cut:

5 June 2013

My trip to the circus - Circus starr, commercial photography

Sometimes I get to do some really cool stuff. Wedding photography lets me meet a variety of interesting people but a few weeks ago, when I was asked to shoot two circus shows for Circus Starr, the interesting people level was cranked to 11.

Circus starr is an amazing charity organization that raises funds for local charities while offering free seats at their world-class show to thousands of disadvantaged children.

The show features a range of different types of acrobatics. I didn't get to see much of it but what I did see was amazing with some death defying stunts which I wouldn't mind learning myself!

For more information you can find their website here: http://www.circus-starr.org.uk/
More pics under the cut :)

28 May 2013

Luke and Jo, Hawkstone Park hotel, Shropshire wedding photography

I went a little bit hipster at Luke and Jo's wedding. The sun had a beautiful warm glow to it all day and with the exterior of the Hawkstone park hotel being completely white it makes life so easy for reportage style wedding photography.

As always it was a beautiful ceremony with a few surprises thrown in to make life a little bit of a challenge but the highlight for me is the cool place names on the reception tables. Luke and Jo went through the facebook images of every single one of their guests and printed their pic on to card which they pegged to every glass on the tables - a brilliant little touch which the guests found really fun!

Beware when you click through to the images today. There are MANY. I think around 95 pics made it into today's blog post, I feel sorry for your internet connection :p

7 May 2013

Amy and Brett, Wedding photography, Swindon Golf Club

Morning! I've just come off a double wedding weekend and still feeling the physical effects and soreness from it. But before I get back to editing I wanted to pop up another wedding. Amy and Brett had their wedding reception at Swindon Golf club in the West Midlands, the first truly sunny wedding of the year!

It's also become a running theme this year of riding golf buggies everywhere, a huge perk of the job :P

Another beautiful church, beautiful venue, beautiful bride, beautiful groom, beautiful guests, beautiful day :D