Ness and Matt, Wedding photography, Kelham House, Nottinghamshire

Want some awesome ideas for your wedding decorations? Check out this wedding. Ness and Matt tied the knot at Kelham House in Nottinghamshire. I loved the rooms at this place, lots of light coming in from the window like you would get with a traditional country manor but decorated in a modern and very stylish way, perfect for wedding photography.

So many weddings to blog. I think I'm going to be blogging some of my May/June weddings as late as September! Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words and hello to all of the new customers that have booked recently :)

Harriet, Studio baby portrait

Chris took over the other day when we had 4 week old Harriet in for our first baby shoot in the new studio!
We haven't finished the furnishings or even the website for our new photography studio but we've had 4 shoots in it already! Thank you so much to everyone for the support and our lovely new customers :)

Our baby portrait setups are almost ready to go but we decided we had to use our awesome blue sofa for most of Harriet's baby shoot. I'm only going to show a couple, because I'd like to save the most of them for the parents, but here's a couple :)

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