Photo Party

As promised, I'm posting my images from the girls photo party from last week. My blog has been down over the past few days due to an unexpected hike in traffic but now it's been migrated to the google blogware platform so I shouldn't have any issues like before.

Anyway, here's a few from that session, it really was a hell of a lot of fun and from what I've heard from the parents the girls really enjoyed it. I hope they enjoy the images as much as they did the day itself :)


Loads more coming up in the near future. Lots of music shoots, make ups, weddings and new challenges ahead. I have to wait until the clients officially publish my work themselves before I can show them off but hopefully that shouldn't be too soon :)

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Too used to following the rules.

So I had a wonderful group of young ladies in a studio for a portrait session the other day. They were 11/12 years old, a group of lovely, bubbly girls celebrating a birthday with their parents in tow. At that age you're not sure how children are. On the cusp of being a teenager but still very much a child you don't know what to expect. After getting very giddy over make up with my wonderful make up artist and other teenage-girl type things I've never completely understood we had some fun shooting. Being young they're very inquisitive and it wasn't long before they wanted to have a go with the camera. I've no problem with that so while I took the weight of the 70-200mm 2.8 I let the girls snap off a few from each other. It immediately raised the mood of the studio and made everyone a little more comfortable but most importantly it produced a few interesting results. I let a Nikon D90 with a 14-24mm 2.8 loose around the room while I continued taking some singles as a test to see what they got. I'm sure Mum had a go too, I think she took the one at the top :)

Now don't get me wrong. I know they're not in focus, and the lighting was set up by me, and I've added a little colour but the framing is something else. I see a lot of these pano tilt/shift type photography shoots getting popular. To make the shift work the framing is always way off the rules and quite different. I enjoy them. I'm beginning to merge this style into my wedding photography but it isn't coming easy. I'm very used to framing shots in the 'correct(ish)' way but the girls, whose minds are relatively untainted from the rules of photography, have produced the little peaches above. I don't know if it was by accident or if their innocence allowed them to see something more than us photographers stuck in our ways - but I do know I have to break my mind away from the rules if I'm going to keep up with the current wedding photography trends. I'm scared to post my images from the session now. I suppose I have to. I haven't finished viewing all 700 of them yet so when I've finished I'll see how mine match up. Would love to hear what others think, leave a comment below :) 

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Jim and Tracy - Quality Hotel - Hanley

Hey everyone, I've been so busy! It seems that, after getting Christmas out of the way, new couples are getting around to sorting their weddings out and I've been quite busy running around meeting a few of you over the past week. It's a great sign that wedding photography is still a priority on your minds. This is a subject that has been highly publicized recently with this recent article from rocknroll bride which went global in a day. There's a few more things to come in the next couple of weeks, but I can't talk about them yet because they're still "A1 top secret classified". Instead, I've finally managed to get round to uploading a few from Jim and Tracy's wedding a few weeks ago with their reception at the Quality hotel, Hanley. I must say, the guys at the quality hotel are really friendly and deliver a great service!

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The Wedding Guide UK magazine feature.

So this was sent to me in the post this morning. I was delighted to see what was on page 52. It's not very often I get recognized and published for my wedding photography but it was nice of TWG to place a double page article in their spring/summer edition of their magazine. Usually, the only images I get in magazines are the odd commercial or stock shoot. The images TWG chose to use are of Emily and Anthony whose wedding I shot in August at Ringwood hall. It's a beautiful wedding venue and because it was an outdoor ceremony the images were so much easier to create. Both the bride and groom looked amazing and I'm so glad they're the couple the magazine chose to print. I posted an iphone pic of the mag earlier but I thought I'd do a proper one for the blog :D

A little stay away from the normal wedding photography stuff for this post. A bit of my music work has finally been published so I can now show some off. :D This guy, Gurbej Brar, has a brilliant voice. We travelled to Patsull Hall in Wolverhampton, a beautiful, mansion-type venue for his latest video shoot and I snapped a few promo bits for him while we were there. Loads more yet-to-be published work coming from these guys in the near future and many many more in the not-so-distant future!


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The new years period turned out to be quite busy for me. I thought I was going to take a nice break for a while but a few phone calls and emails here and there had me working every day from Christmas day to New years day. Over the period I gained a few new clients, built upon already great existing relationships and sorted a few things ready for the up and coming wedding season. Some of the assignments I've completed over the past few weeks have been the best I've ever produced showing me I'm always learning and improving. Unfortunately I can't post a lot of it due to the fact some of them are yet to be published or they have been marked as private to the client so you'll have to take my work for it. But shooting in different ways for different types of clients in different styles improves my consistency in these areas and I hope to bring these techniques into my wedding photography season to keep all of my wedding work fresh, different and unique. In the mean time here's a wedding a few weeks ago. There's not many because I haven't had a lot of chance to upload today. This is Craig and Teresa at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Birmingham I tried to take a little more of a traditional approach to this one, it was a lovely, cosy venue Congratulations!

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I've been very fickle with my website over the past year. My web design knowledge is basic but always growing so I've been designing it, breaking it down and then redesigning it - over and over. I've done this about 3 times in 2011 but I think I've finally cracked it. I've finally got my website to the point where I can say I'm very happy and, other than drafting in a writer to help me with the text, I don't think it's going to change now for a long while.
Many nights have been spent in font of this computer looking at 1's and 0's altering tiny details and checking them over. I've neglected the blog, halted my photography and my social life has gone right out of the window. But I've always wanted a side scrolling type site and I've made it so new images can be added to it with ease so expect it to be updated with my latest work weekly. It's done now and a new website for a new year means a new strategy and all the weddings booked for next year now get my full attention as I prepare for what is going to be my busiest year yet! I think I might try and arrange a Christmas type shoot to keep my photography cockles warm as the temperature drops. Take a look at the site at I expect there to be a few bugs so it would be great if anyone spots them to email me: Have an amazing Christmas everyone!