Briscoe Photography Terms and Conditions


1          Contract
It is mutually agreed that the following terms agreed verbally or by email communication and conditions form an integral part of this contract and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless accepted by BriscoePhotography in writing.
2          Booking Fees and Deposits
A non-refundable deposit of £100 is charged when a wedding booking is placed.  This fee is deductable in full from the total price.
3          Payment
Payment terms are agreed on a bespoke basis
4          The Photographer
On occasions and without notice it may be necessary for the photographer to be substituted by another photographer (for example, due to ill health). Photographer cannot face legal action when the failure to deliver images is due to a technical, mechanical or electronic fault.
5          Copyright
The copyright of all images produced is retained by Briscoe Photography.  The client is granted personal, non-commercial use of the images.
6          Cancellations
The client may repudiate this contract up to 8 weeks before the wedding date by giving notice to Briscoe Photography in writing.  Should the cancellation be received by Briscoe Photography before this time the client will only forfeit the deposit. After this time the client is liable to pay 50% of the final amount.
7          Force Majeure
The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation by either party owing to any cause beyond their control.

8          Limitation of Liability
In the unlikely event of total photographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any circumstance, the liability of one party shall be limited to the total value of the contract.  Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.
9          Complaints
All complaints should be raised with Briscoe Photography in writing, within 28 days of first becoming aware of the matter to be complained of and in any event, within 28 days of receipt of the images.
10         Display
The client allows Briscoe Photography to display any images in their studio, portfolio, literature, exhibitions and advertising.

Studio hire


Hire of the studio for any use is subject to the full amount being paid. No booking will be secured until the full amount has been paid.

Booking fees paid become non-refundable 21 days before the booking date. Studio time cannot be refunded, exchanged or moved to a different date within this period.

If your booking is taken over by Lisa Webb, all liability and control over your booking is handed to Lisa Webb photography (


Customers using the studio have full use of the building and its facilities providing the activity is legal, safe and will not bring the studio into disrepute - which is deemed by the studio manager.

Levels of privacy of discretion can be observed as much as possible however access to all areas of the studio are needed at all times.


The customer hiring the studio is responsible for the safety of themselves and any other persons they have invited to the studio as part of their session. Customers should familiarize themselves with the equipment and the area and complete their own risk assessment to ensure all persons they have invited remain safe within the premises.

Customers should recognize common hazards within the studio including slips, trips and falls from wires and stands, uneven ground between the floor and key features of the studio, heavy equipment including weight and counter-weight, lights, heavy metal stands, heavy props, movement of furniture, falls from height from chairs, ladders and stools - hazards and risk are pointed out in this list and as much as possible around the studio - these are common risks and the list is not exhaustive. Customers should realize and advise their guests of the possible hazards as Briscoe photography cannot always control situations within the studio, especially when privacy is requested.


Customers are responsible for the safety and use of the equipment during their time in the studio. This applies to all events - private studio hire, studio days, group events.

A replacement or a payment equal to the full amount will be paid if the damage to the piece of equipment exceeds the equipment's worth. This includes the over heating of flashes, dropping of flashes,  or neglectfully allowing a light stand to be placed in a precarious position leaving it at risk of fall.

Damage to features and decoration of the studio space will be repaid to the full amount of the cost of repair regardless of the cause.

Customers should be aware of the fragile construction of the 'infinity curve' and be aware they should stand only on the floor area and not attempt to climb onto or up the wall and not stand on the curved area.