Kerrie and Richard, Wedding photography Staffordshire

To April (yes 2014!) with the wedding of Kerrie and Richard at Ardencote Manor. This wedding signaled the beginning of the 2014 wedding season for me. I'm still in the thick of it with 4 weddings last week and 2 this week before I head off for a weeks rest. It's been a tough season, my toughest yet, but I wouldn't change it. I appreciate all of the customers who have booked weddings, photographers in the studio and also my studio customers who are helping the dream become a reality :)

I remember vividly travelling down to Warwick the day before and being blown away by the view and very excited by the prospect of shooting the longest group shot I've ever taken, I was very excited about it on instagram as you can see... 

We had a wobbily few hours with the weather but the call was made to hold the wedding outside. It was a little windy and overcast but beautiful. I absolutely love outdoor weddings. It allows me to get the long lens out and shoot tons of candids, lots of freedom to roam and get the best angles. There's a few highlights below!

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