First off we started in my BRAND NEW home studio. It isn't much but it's a good start and produces great results for headshots and model portfolios. So I invited Charli round to be the first to try it out! Here's what we came up with: Charli DarkEmo Charli Charli was brilliant and really helped me get to grips with the new setup that I hve going. Next was brand new model Jenny. Jenny is an exceptionally photogenic person so it was easy for me to pick up these shots outside: Jenny Jenny and back in the studio: Jenny Jenny - The naked aviator Jenny Beauty I'm sure you'll agree the studio, Jenny and Charli are producing some seriously good results :) Next, I've decided to branch out into the commercial sector and invited upcoming metal band Sworth to Oath to the studio for a quick shoot... here's what we came up with: Sworn2OathSworn2OathSworn2Oath Sworn2Oath Then Colleen came out, She's brilliant, blah blah blah lol. Colleen Colleen Colleen AND FINALLY! I have a small exhibition going up on 27th of March at Hanley fire Station. The station is being knocked down and the station is having a fairwell day. As well as art from the YMCA, Fire fighting demonstrations, Historical artifacts and guided tours a small selection of photographs from the station will be on show taken by yours truely. It's all free and open to the public so come down 12-4 on Saturday 27th March full360lensblurfin