It's been a busy start to the year for Briscoe photography. First of all I've seen a new element of creativity emerge in the form of video. I've only created a few videos but it seems people enjoy the way I shoot and edit. This has meant that my videos have been popping up on a few websites including and more recently the North Staffs YMCA front page: ymca tearsheet This is brilliant news and very flattering. I hope to be shooting a little more video in the future for different people and I'm glad I have added another skill to work on and improve. Also, London graphic designer Mike Willows was kind enough to design my new company logo for the website and future media. It's already been added to my new personal portraits taken by Duane from Clix photography for the website. You can expect to see this new logo on all copyrighted images from here on in. New Briscoe photography logo I hate having my photo taken and the shoot today was a sharp awakening to what I put all of my clients through. I'm not a fan of being the other side of the lens... but I guess it had to be done. IMG_2885copy800