The new years period turned out to be quite busy for me. I thought I was going to take a nice break for a while but a few phone calls and emails here and there had me working every day from Christmas day to New years day. Over the period I gained a few new clients, built upon already great existing relationships and sorted a few things ready for the up and coming wedding season. Some of the assignments I've completed over the past few weeks have been the best I've ever produced showing me I'm always learning and improving. Unfortunately I can't post a lot of it due to the fact some of them are yet to be published or they have been marked as private to the client so you'll have to take my work for it. But shooting in different ways for different types of clients in different styles improves my consistency in these areas and I hope to bring these techniques into my wedding photography season to keep all of my wedding work fresh, different and unique. In the mean time here's a wedding a few weeks ago. There's not many because I haven't had a lot of chance to upload today. This is Craig and Teresa at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Birmingham I tried to take a little more of a traditional approach to this one, it was a lovely, cosy venue Congratulations!

 Thanks everyone! I've recently managed to work out the facebook comments box widget on here so feel free to leave a comment on here if you feel compelled :D