I've been very fickle with my website over the past year. My web design knowledge is basic but always growing so I've been designing it, breaking it down and then redesigning it - over and over. I've done this about 3 times in 2011 but I think I've finally cracked it. I've finally got my website to the point where I can say I'm very happy and, other than drafting in a writer to help me with the text, I don't think it's going to change now for a long while.
Many nights have been spent in font of this computer looking at 1's and 0's altering tiny details and checking them over. I've neglected the blog, halted my photography and my social life has gone right out of the window. But I've always wanted a side scrolling type site and I've made it so new images can be added to it with ease so expect it to be updated with my latest work weekly. It's done now and a new website for a new year means a new strategy and all the weddings booked for next year now get my full attention as I prepare for what is going to be my busiest year yet! I think I might try and arrange a Christmas type shoot to keep my photography cockles warm as the temperature drops. Take a look at the site at http://www.briscoephotography.co.uk/ I expect there to be a few bugs so it would be great if anyone spots them to email me: briscoe@briscoephotography.co.uk Have an amazing Christmas everyone!